Welkom bij Palmhunters

Note:We work pressure to the English description of the plants , excuse me!
Currently you can transform the Dutch text to English for the moment ,thanks Dutch to English

Welcome to our webshop Palmhunters 'online plant bible'! Palmhunters is run by Marc Devrome from Belgium. You can easily look around on the website by clicking the items you are interested in. A description of the selected product will appear, each with a matching picture. This allows you to get a good view of the garden plants that you can order with us online. Our garden plants and bulbs are all pleasing to the eye. In addition, we also find quality and service of paramount importance.
- Choose from thousands of plants, shrubs, trees ... quietly from your familiar surroundings.
- Always guaranteed healthy garden plants. We only buy fresh products at our wholesale suppliers.
- From our experience, we choose the best products for you with a trained eye!
- Our competitive prices are still out of competition. We don't have personnel, conservatory rooms, storage    rooms ... this can only be pleasant for your wallet.
- Knowledgeable and especially correct advice! All this in a simple request!
- No hassle with transport and/or trailer. Everything will be supplied on the agreed time on the foreseeable address.

We are not a traditional garden center that you can visit.